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RASA Diary

Hi Gary,

Thank you it was great and powerful today

Here is my diary so far.

· Nov29 I received post 1000 RASA and it was powerful. 

The energy made way rhrough the body and some blockages and into the earth. Then it started to go into specifics places in the body to release the blockages there also some childhood memories past by. I like this. I think it is deeply transformative and stabilizing the consciousness. 

I the reviewed the RASA and it was as strong as before but the second sex chakra was activated and the Kundalini started to move. 

Reviewed it again in the evening and same effect, the energy make ways deep into the body and I find it so transformative. 

· Dec 4 

Having a cold. A lot of energy has been moving through the body the last 8 hours. I was curious if the RASA would make a difference. It started slow today. 5 minutes nothing. Then wavs of energy flowing through the whole body for some minutes. Then it was more focused on my 2 lower chakras. The energy bombarded the 2nd and 1st chakras. 

· Dec 11 

Today it started with strong waves of energy going through the whole body. It was going of for at least 5 minutes. Then I felt the energy focused on my forehead for some time, moving down into my face. I felt tingling sensationsin my face for the rest of the session. The energy moved further down through the front side of the body all the way down to the root. During the whole session I felt a lot of bliss in and around the body. Afterwards I felt very relaxed…

Jan Kirshon.

I had my first RASA session with Gary a week ago. It was unlike anything else I’ve experienced. The energy felt different in different areas of my body;  like warm sparkles in my head, like two tubes of platinum light running down my spine, and also like cool ponds in my gut and heart. While Gary was doing the RASA I felt very relaxed, and afterwards for a few days I felt elated and joyful, with pleasant sensations of enlivening vibrating sparkles. Gary was so much fun & I recommend his RASA!

Catherine Nolan

For the layman or the seeker, the RASA process is almost too good to be true. Too fantastic to be believed. We believe that we are separate individuals and that our salvation is dependent upon this false sense of I, pulling itself up by its own bootstraps, performing all manner of spiritual gymnastics and ultimately achieving Nirvana, the Absolute, Self, God, Unity (pick a name). And in some cases – very, very rare cases – this is possible. Most of us, however, need an outside force (some call it Grace) to, as Ramana Maharishi said, “Kill the Miind,” as the mind, or I thought, can not and will not, kill itself. And the irony is, the more it tries, the stronger it gets. This is the game. And this is why we, as seekers, find ourselves so miserable. The wonderful, beautiful, fantastic news is that the Self, which has sent those great Sages and Avatars down through the millennia to transmit this Grace in accordance with those particular times has created a modern day counterpart – RASA transmission. RASA, or RamajiAdvaitaShaktipat Attunement, is an energetic transmission discovered and channeled by a great teacher, Ramaji, based in Southern California. A transmission given by the Universe

to utterly destroy the “ego I thought” in those students who are prepared to accept it. Ramaji and his soulmate Ananda Devi are providing RASA transmission to all who wish to receive it and in this process, are training a host of qualified agents to give this amazing gift as well. One of those agents is GaryJi, for whom I am writing this testimonial today.

I have been working with GaryJi for a few months now and his background is similar to many of our own – study, meditation, religious practices, various yogas – all of which culminated in a circular return to the starting point – or nowhere. Much like the movie Groundhog Day, or the continuous waking, dreaming, deep sleep cycle . It’s not that these practices have no value, in fact, Gary’s experience over the past decades of seeking make him very qualified to discuss these matters authoritatively. He has a deep understanding of the concepts taught by the typical “wisdom traditions” and uses the knowledge to help the seeker dovetail into a deeper understanding of the relationship between these wonderful teachings and RASA, which enables the RASA to work its magic and your integration to occur more smoothly. GaryJi is a fun, engaging personality. He is also passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, giving and no nonsense practitioner of RASA and I have enjoyed working with him thoroughly. I can only encourage you to give this effective and caring teacher a try.

Rick George

Garyji is absolutely amazing to connect with as a spiritual teacher as well as a lovely friend. His words are sharp, direct and yet extremely funny. His attitude of seeing all aspect of life as a big entertainment show is a real oasis of fresh water. This is exactly what a lot of long-time spiritual seekers need in the traditional non-dual teaching community. Garyji helps you to take the “journey” lightly and see that you can put down your luggage NOW because you are ALREADY on the “SELF-train”. He is also a patient, accepting listener, showing great empathy, and yet at the same time effectively knocking down the negative indulging thoughts, showing no mercy to the illusory mind. Having received RASAtm from Ramaji and Ananda, Garyji gives equally powerful and soothing RASAtm, that significantly accelerates one’s awakening. I am grateful for his love and forever cherish this beautiful friendship with him.


“All joking aside, that was a very powerful session. There is a release at the third eye, a release of the I thought which cascades down the body all the way to the toes.  Still going on and very clear.  Spontaneous relaxation at 3rd eye- I thoughts wash out of the system before “I “ take myself to be an embodied character. Everything Is allowed to be exactly how it I”

Craig Geiger